Curriculum Vitae

Name Ursescu
First name Daniel
Date of birth The 21st of January 1976
Place of birth Piatra Neamt, Romania



Actual position

Researcher in laser physics

Professional address

National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics
Atomistilor 409, Magurele 077125, Romania
Atomistilor 409, Magurele 077125, Romania
Phone/Fax: (+40) 21 457 5066 or (+40) 21 457 4491  int. 2082



Doctoral studies at Johannes Gutenberg Universit¨at Mainz and GSIDarmstadt, Germany. Graduation work: “Grazing Incidence Pumped Zr X-Ray Laser for Li-like Ions Spectroscopy” obtained grade very good (A).


37th international summer school of quantum electronics: Atoms and Plasmas in Super-intense Laser Fields, Erice-Sicily, Italy


International summer school: New X-ray Science; X-ray Investigation of Fast and Ultrafast Processes; DESY, Hamburg, Germany


Master of science studies at Bucharest University, Faculty of Physics.
Graduation work: “Metal Matrix Composites Laser Cladding on Aluminium


Physics studies at Bucharest University, Faculty of Physics; Speciality: Optotechnics and technology with lasers, plasma and radiation. Graduation work “Langmuir Probes Measurement in the Reflex Plasma Reactor”;
General mark 9.42 (10 is maximum)


High school “Petru Rares”, Piatra Neamt¸ (profile math and physics)


Scientific activity


 GSI-Darmstadt, Germany
Job description: High power laser and x-ray laser development, laser synchronization
with ion beam
Responsibilities: Development of X-ray lasers at 13.9 nm, 14.7 nm and 22.02 nm;
EBIT experiments; Laser produced plasmas experiments and theory;
Improving the optical stretcher-compressor design for the PHELIX laser;
Synchronization of PHELIX laser with the ion accelerator facility;
Data acquisition and analysis. 


 Uni-Duesseldorf, Germany
Job description: Optical clocks, metrology and standards development
Responsibilities: Development of a mixed system: cryogenic-vacuum-optical resonators for precise tests of the relativity theory 


 IREPA Laser - ENSAIS Strasbourg, France
Job description: Laser cladding research
Responsibilities: Metal matrix composites cladding on aluminium alloys. Improve
the surface structure for wear resistance. 


 National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
Job description: Plasma physics research
Responsibilities: UV radiation production with low temperature excimer plasmas.



Computer knowledge Windows and Linux OS, MS Office, Mathematica, Optica, image processing software, Maple, Origin, etc.
Foreign languages English, German, French