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About CEEX1492
"Study of Photonic Nanostructures By Ultrafast Laser Pulses "

The National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) sustains the projects of young researchers returned to research institutions from Romania. After 5 years of transnational scientific experiences, dr. Marian Zamfirescu proposes a research project which is aimed to study of the photonic and excitonic effects in nanostructures, to develop techniques for manufacture nanostructures, and to propose novel structures with outstanding impact on developing devices for Information Technologies.

The proposal is scheduled to run in the period March 2006 - Feb. 2008. Firstly, as a natural continuity of previous works of the young researcher, photonic nanostructures such as planar microcavities will be studied. In order to optimize the light-matter coupling in GaN based heterostructures, new microcavities will be designed and optimized. The structure will be grown by MBE and studied by advanced time-resolved spectroscopy in collaboration with Univ. of Florence.For manufacturing new nanostructure, the project proposes to investigate other techniques which can be implemented using local facilities. Nanopatterning using a confocal microscope system is a very promising method which takes advantage of the ultrafast lasers systems on their high precision and reproducibility. The realization of a confocal microscope system is a key objective which will open the way to a series of new research works. 3D photonic crystals will be designed and studied. The time behavior of these structures has to be investigated, as well as their potentiality for application on small-size ultrafast light emitters.In the second part of the project, the designed photonic nanostructures will be realized by the means of Two-Photon Photopolymerization using ultrafast pulse lasers. The confocal system can also be used for writing photonic structures in doped glasses and semiconductor materials.